Selling my daughter for 100won

ナレーターAneke Miko,Ramdy C.Miller

再生時間 02:01:33

出版社 晩聲社

出版日 2009/9/30

配信日 2010/5/16

図表 なし

チャプター数 5

倍速版 なし



Since the latter half of the 1990s,
just a little over 10 years ago,
as the world was welcoming in the age of the internet,
the unprecedented number of starvation deaths in North Korea was reported.
Three million people, more than 15% of the population.
Could this be true?
The bodies of the three million,
lined up lengthwise, would measure 2,800 miles,
more than the distance between New York and San Francisco.
Could this be true?





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